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Frequently Asked Questions

TBC Crowdfund and Shop  is a social enterprise business funding platform created to help raise no-cost capital and grants to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, using a simple yet sophisticated well-thought-out crowdfunding technique to raise funds for business and personal uses..

Our payment methods are BTC, etherum.

A member is allowed to create as many accounts as they like, but each account must have a different username and email address.

The minimum age requirement is 13 years to participate into the program.

In order to join the program it cost only $11.

Your earning potential is unlimited and is influenced by the effort you put into building your wealth, together with the efforts of those above and below you building their wealth.

TBC Crowd Fund and Shop gives members two types of income:

a. Referral bonus income ($5 per referral to infinity)
b. Upgrade income.

Income earned when a member brings in someone directly with their referral link.

Upgrade income is the one received through payment of rank upgrade fee by members of one's team.

Funds or withdrawals are paid through the different payment channels available. Namely, BTC, Ethereum. Members are advised to set up each payment channel via the edit profile feature. You will most likely receive withdrawals through the payment channel you registered with.

You can withdraw your fund as often as you like as long as you have a minimum of $10 in your withdrawal wallet. Withdrawals from $10 to $50 will be charged $3. From $51 will be charged 5% of withdrawn fund.
Withdrawal is processed within 72 hours of request.

Shopping with 100% TBC begins when an account reaches the Captain rank.  

Each account has been allocated $20,000 to spend with 100% TBC. When that amount is exhausted, that account is no more eligible to shop. 

Whatever is available in the country shopping mall of a member. Depending on the member's ability to afford it based on allocated amount. 

No, all shopping is done according to country of residence to reduce cost of freight and time of delivery.

No, goods and services are listed in USD, but sold with 100% TBC. Members should follow instructions on the sales pages to know where to send TBC for the products or services requested.

TBC Crowdfund & Shop

A crowd funding and shopping platform created to uplift each participant from penury and transport them to financial freedom through team work and synergy!